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January 21, 2012
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(This is my first time writing a reader insert fanfic, so...yeah. xD You are currently living at the Phantomhive manor, because you are an old friend of Ciel's.)

You sat on your bed, reading the book that Ciel has let you borrow. It was a classic, by Edgar Allen Poe, and you had wanted to read it for a while now. However, you could not concentrate, as your mind was elsewhere. You were good friends with the butler of the household, one Sebastian Michaelis, and you were the only one apart from Ciel who knew he wasn't human. Despite this friendship, you had developed strong feelings towards the demon, yet you were not quite sure what these feelings were, exactly. Sebastian, coincidentally, had been acting rather distant lately, which worried you. He probably knew, and was ignoring you, you thought. Demons could never love, they only seduce, and devour. It was useless loving someone like that.

          Your trail of thought was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in," you called lazily, then jumped up when you saw who it was.

          "Good evening, Lady <insertnamehere>," said Sebastian, as he gracefully walked into your room. You flinched as he closed the door behind him.

          "What did you want to see me about, Sebastian?" you asked,trying not to let your guard down. Sebastian merely smiled, and looked at you.

          "I wanted to ask you something, if that's alright." he said in that beautiful voice of his. You nodded, trying desperately not to make a fool of yourself. Sebastian took a slight step closer. "Lady <insertnamehere>. Have you ever experienced feelings towards another person? A friend, maybe?" You blushed slightly. What the hell was he getting at?
          "W-What kind of feelings do you mean?" you questioned. Sebastian looked straight at you, with a serious expression on his face.

          "Let me re-phrase the question, my lady. Have you ever experienced...lust? Desire, perhaps, towards another?" This question rattled you, and you avoided eye contact with the demon, who kept stepping closer to you. You blushed deeper. Could it be, he knew?

          "Y-Yes..." you said, looking at the floor shyly. You could say that much at least - but you didn't plan on telling him who it was that you desired. You looked back up, and to your surprise, Sebastian's eyes glowed, but not seductively. He looked almost angry. His jaw tightened with...what could it be...jealousy? No, that was impossible. He couldn't be.

          "Towards whom?" he said calmly, though he sounded dangerously calm - he was definately angry. Your throat had become ever so dry, and you trembled, avoiding looking at Sebastian.

          "I can't tell you." you whispered, squeezing your eyes shut. That did it. Before you could open your eyes, you had been slammed into the wall, Sebastian holding you against it by your delicate wrists. You made a small sound of protest, though you could not move. Sebastian leaned closer, so you could feel his warm breath on your lips. You turned your head away, blushing, but Sebastian held it firmly in place with his hand.

          "<insertnamehere> can tell me..." the butler practically purred. You shook your head rapidly.

          "N-No! I can't!" you said, as your voice shook and tears filled your eyes. Sebastian looked into your tearful eyes, knowingly.

          "<insertnamehere>'s me, isn't it." he whispered. Tears dripped down your pale face, as you nodded. What else could you do? You were trapped in the devil's embrace. "I'm glad." he said, wiping away your foolish tears.

          " What do you mea-" Before you could finish, Sebastian had silenced you with a gentle, yet forceful kiss. Your eyes widened as his lips pressed against yours. You didn't understand, but you didn't care. You kissed him back, tangling your hands in his smooth black hair. His lips were soft, but dominant, as he deepened the kiss and closed any space between the two of you. Gasping, you pulled away, but Sebastian didn't stop there. His lips moved gently along your jawline, to kiss your neck. You bit your lip hard, trying not to moan. You didn't want to give him that satisfaction...but when he found your weak spot, you failed not to. You gasped, gripping his shoulders. He chuckled into your neck, causing you to shiver. You moaned softly as he continued kissing  and licking that weak spot, louder when he bit down, marking you as his. Sebastian moved back up to kiss your lips once again - not gently this time, though. He kissed you aggressively, forcing his tongue into your mouth, not letting you even think of putting up a fight.

          This went on for some time, until Sebastian pulled away to let you breathe. Needless to say, you were blushing brightly, and slightly breathless. "I-I love you, Sebastian." you whispered, closing your eyes. Sebastian smirked, and whispered his reply in your ear before pushing you onto the bed.

Sebastian x Readerby GlitteratiMuseGal

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / General / Short Stories©2012-2014 GlitteratiMuseGal
Requested by :iconpixiboo: >//////////>I shall say no more.

(I do not own the preview image or the characters.)
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